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Liminal Collective is a global community united by a passion for human performance and the desire to enable humanity’s greatest endeavors.

Enabling humanity’s boldest endeavors

Human performance moonshots, media and events

Our team

We are dedicated to solving the most complex, human performance challenges of our time, coming at them from uncommon angles thanks to the diversity of our backgrounds - science, business, engineering, not-for-profit, the arts, sports, military and government, medicine and tech. We are all world-class experts, drawing experience from RedBull, Nike, U.S. Navy Special Warfare Command, DARPA, MacArthur Foundation, Olympic federations, and others.

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Our philosophy

We are working to create Humanity 2.0 - an audacious community of humans ready to re-imagine what it means to be human and accomplish bold endeavors. To achieve this we start with the individual, then move onto the team. We address qualities like courage, creativity and compassion; performance under pressure, the power of nature and ancient wisdom. We do this to tap unlimited human potential.

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Our work

We enable humanity’s boldest endeavors, through an array of services: we advise, speak, consult, design, produce, create, operate and coach. We take on - and deliver - liminal moonshots. We develop talent and leadership. We create bespoke events, keynote at others’, and host transformative experiences. No two days are the same.

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Our community comprises the Liminal team, a broader Collective of world-class human performance experts, and a global network of people who share a passion for human endeavor.

We are on a mission to accomplish liminal moonshots - never-been-done, bold endeavors that inform and inspire us all. We assemble bespoke, multi-disciplinary teams to work at the threshold of human potential, applying the deep science of elite performance, tapping ancient traditions and breaking convention to hack creativity. And we share our experiences, because they are everyone’s concern.

In this way, we push forward the limitless potential of humans: the individual, the team, our society. Together, we will create Humanity 2.0 - an audacious community of humans ready to re-imagine what it means to be human.

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Whatever your interest... Whatever your expertise...Whatever your objective... This is a space to enable your boldest endeavors, build your own networks, create events or follow them, kick off projects or collaborate, learn, teach, inspire and be inspired. Together we can create a better humanity.

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