Christopher Lortie is an integrative scientist with expertise in community theory, sociology, and quantitative methods. He is Professor of Ecology at York University and Senior ResearchFellow at The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UCSB.

In his work, he examines challenges associated with land use, retiring agricultural lands, and balancing direct human needs with conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. Collaboration and networks are central to his research both conceptually and internationally.  As such, his current environmental science research includes restoration & management.

Chris actively pursues new challenges and creative opportunities in science. He has published over 200 scholarly products to date including 140 peer-reviewed publications, 51 datasets, 38 non-refereed conference proceedings, 6 book chapters, and numerous open-science products such as slide decks, figures, videos, and blog commentaries.  Chris has also been a distinguished visiting professor in Japan, France, Spain, and South America. Publicly, he has spoken at GLIMPSES and other conferences associated with open science, synthesis, big data, and the value of putting ecology (and humanity) into the work we do in other human pursuits outside science.  

Outside his professional activities, Chris is an active trail runner.

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