Pauly DiTuro solves problems.

He earned a B.S. in Astrophysics and an M.S. in High Energy Particle Physics, conducting research at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Heavily trained in trauma medicine during military service, he gained a deep knowledge of physiology and neuroscience, establishing new protocols and rewriting aspects of the military’s approach to medicine. Pauly now collaborates with professional athletes, academic institutions, and special projects to push the boundaries of what the mind and body can accomplish.  

Pauly and his wife Jenn operate Hubris LLC - coaching the mindset, movement, and fuel of the world's most elite. He is the innovation lead for Amp Human, a Performance company dedicated to supporting athletes as they perform, adapt, and evolve. He is also a performance advisor to XPT Life, an extreme lifestyle system based on the principles of Move, Breathe, Recover.

Pauly conducts research via the Columbia Innovation Center at the University of South Carolina. His primary focus is applied neuroscience for Brain Health and Enhanced Cognition. If you know of anyone interested in funding bleeding edge research to create faster, more resilient minds for Special Operations Forces and elite performers contact Pauly via the Liminal Collective.

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