Enabling humanity’s boldest endeavors

Liminal Collective pushes the boundaries of human performance through media, events and the accomplishment of liminal moonshots - humanity’s never-been-done challenges.



We take on - and deliver - humanity’s never-been-done challenges. Whether you’re diving from space, or to the deepest depths of the ocean; whether you’re contemplating the most audacious performance, on stage or in business...we enable your boldest endeavor.

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We work with our production partners to create inspiring human performance content for our clients. We also create our own educational media in-house and curate human performance content from our community as part of our Eudaemonia Media platform.

Eudaemonia Media

We are leaders at creating and managing live experiences, summits and conferences for our partners focused on enhancing human performance. We can also bring in world-class human performance keynote speakers or host transformative experiences that make any event stand out.

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