Jason is VP of Elite Performer Offense, a group whose charter is to empower and extend the capabilities of humanity through diversity, design, and sustainability at Logitech and Liminal Collective.

His mission in life is to share his superpowers and use them for good - he has a lot in common with Batman. He was the first African-American to become a design intern at Nike's HQ and went on to design iconic footwear for athletes like Michael Jordan, working as a leader at Nike’s Digital Sport division. He went on to co-found and lead Super Heroic, a start-up designed to empower children with the power of play, through its products. He then went on to found and head up Trillicon Valley, a consortium of diverse talent that operates like the Wu-Tang of the tech industry, intersecting with professional athletes, entertainers, fashion icons, venture capitalists, technologists, activists and community organizers/NGOs.

Featured on multiple ‘most inspiring lists’, including Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and EBONY Power 100, Jason is an inspiring leader of color who is highly committed to his faith, his family and community.