Victoria is an MIT-trained engineer who uses systems thinking and human-centered design as a prism into performance at Liminal Collective.

She is passionate about using her engineering background to make a difference in people’s lives. This has driven her to do research in assistive technology and universal design, as she believes products and systems should be designed for all users. Her work and research at places like Logitech and Polipo have reinforced this conviction, and she is motivated by the idea that companies and individual team members should create environments that empower individuals to experience work the way that feels most authentic to them. She is most proud of creating a toy for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities to improve their fine motor skills.

A global citizen, Victoria has volunteered and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, and El Salvador. These opportunities have nurtured her love of traveling, street food, and connecting deeply with people from different backgrounds. Aside from traveling, she is most proud of captaining the first MIT tennis team in program history to make an NCAA Elite 8 appearance.