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Creative Landscape

You are creative. Everyone is creative. No matter who you are or what you do, identifying and growing your creativity can benefit every part of your life. The Creative Landscape survey is based on the largest ever empirical study of creative habits, mapping the diversity of ways people create: their strategies, tendencies, and preferences. Pass: woot123.

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Liminal Primer

The world’s first platform for fast, reliable, scientific insights from the field of human performance. Powered by Primer's NLP technology, Liminal Primer aggregates and summarizes the latest human performance research papers, news articles, and expert conversations... so you can gain insight and advance your own human potential.

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The best teams nurture and harness their superpowers, making every team member stronger and accelerating team performance. How do regular teams become superteams? Start by focusing on you - your superpowers, your kryptonite. My OS Book guides you toward a better understanding of yourself, for a better you and a better us.

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